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Commissioning Authority

The CxA, retained and reporting directly to the Owner, oversees the LEED Commissioning Process from the beginning of the project to the post-occupancy phase. The Commissioning Authority reviews and spot-checks equipment installation and start-up checks, and develops, directs, and witnesses functional performance test procedures completed by the Contractor’s Commissioning Agent.

Having Kane Consulting as an independent Commissioning Authority on your team will help ensure your goals and objectives are met in the design, construction, and hand-over of the building; verifying that buildings and their systems are functional and can be maintained for the life of the equipment.

Our Commissioning Authority services include:

  • LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning Authority
  • City of Vancouver Enhanced Commissioning Authority
  • Independent Third-Party Owner Commissioning Provider
  • System-specific Commissioning Authority Services for Retrofits (eg. Commissioning of Chilled Water Plant, Building Automation Systems, and other systems)

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