UBC Quantum Matter Institute – Commissioning

The Quantum Matter Institute (QMI) at UBC is a new venture into research of systems and phenomena explicitly involving quantum mechanics.


The QMI will be an addition to the Brimacombe/AMPEL building. The new addition will accommodate the QMI research and materials engineering researchers from the Faculty of Applied Science (APSC). Locating the QMI group and APSC researchers adjacent to the Brimacombe Building will provide research synergies and access to specialized facilities and equipment for all researchers.


The collaboration between QMI’s interdisciplinary faculty, students, and staff is maximized with a building that supports leading resarch on advanced materials. Labs are configured to support long term flexibility, efficient utilization of space and new research activities. QMI and its adjacent building are united with multi-floor social hubs to encourage interactions and exchanges of ideas between researchers.



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